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Finished Projects with recent clients. Click on an album cover for more music

Recent Projects:2014

  • Living Hour
  • The Hours
  • Basic Nature
  • Figure
  • Krazy Madness
  • Paincave
  • Johnny Sizzle
  • Brett Nelson
  • A La Mode
  • Mulligrub
  • The Zorgs
  • Black Cloud
  • Brett Nelson
  • Blisters
  • RasTamils
  • dub ditch picnic
  • Excruciating Beauty of Melody (film soundtrack)

Past Projects

  • Haunter
  • Violent Screech
  • Electric Candles
  • Right Through
  • Perse
  • Steve Basham
  • The Fo!ps
  • Ursula
  • Jesse Hill
  • Egyptian Art Stike
  • Cole Woods
  • Dan "the man" Falloon
  • Malhenri Knox
  • Despite All This
  • JR Hill and the Oktars
  • Jocelyn Goertzen
  • Johnny Riverboat


J Riley Hill

Mortfell Recording is the home studio & production company of J Riley Hill, a Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Engineer and Songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Known by those who work with him for his patience, flexibility and passion for music and audio. Hill jumped into full-time recording, mixing and production work in late 2013. In that short time he has taken on close to 20 clients in his home studio, recording on location and freelancing at local studios such as UMFM studio and Private Ear.

Since youth J Riley Hill has always made artwork with whatever he could get his hands on. Graduating from a tiny Casio keyboard and one-track tape-player to guitar and digital recorder in high-school, he quickly learned to play a handful of other instruments so he could record everything himself. The last 10 years have seen Hill release a slew of albums under his own name, tour the country dozens of times, and become involved with numerous other projects.

J Riley Hill has found his calling as a helper and facilitator of other people's music. With over ten years of experience in all sorts of musical situations, Hill understands the importance of peoples different eccentricities and comfort levels and how they relate to the creation of that individual's art. Being a composer and musician himself he knows how to treat other's work with care, and help musicians arrive at the sound they hear in their head.

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"One of the greatest benefits of recording with Riley, is Riley himself."

-Lyzie Burt, Basic Nature

"My favourite part of the process of working on this EP was learning how to realize my musical ideas in a studio setting..... I couldn't have done it without J. Riley Hill, who co-produced and mixed the EP. His technical knowledge, creative experience and patience were invaluable as I was specific about what I liked but also unsure of how to get there."

-Dominque Lemoine, A La Mode

"Recording with Riley is an amazing and mind opening process. He is extremely creative, innovative, and knows exactly how to get the sound you have in your head."

-Gilad Carroll, Living Hour

Rates & Services

I offer recording, mixing, audio editing and production services. I've worked on music of many genres and audio for short films.

For recording: I have a home space and portable equipment to record on location (living rooms, churches, cabins you name it!)

I love to freelance at different recording studios, and will put in extra effort to make that worthwhile for your project. Doing some recording in a dedicated studio space and doing mixing/editing at a home studio can be a great way to make the most of a wonderful (yet expensive) studio, while still keeping costs relatively low for your project. I have great relationships with a few local studios. If you are interested please message me to inquire.

Fees for editing and production are decided on a per project basis.

Please email: to discuss your specific needs.

equipment in mortfell/mobile setup